Is DubTurbo The very best Beat Making Software? Find Out With This Real Users Review

In my DubTurbo review I will compare DubTurbo to some of the other state of the art beat making software.

To begin with, there is one major and distinct advantage DubTurbo has over its competitors and that's the file formats!


Well the most typical extendable online for music files is .mp3. While .mp3 may sound ok, to the less musically inclined, it is by far the tiniest quality for downloading music.

Simply the more a file is compressed the more sound quality you lose.

This is when I found DubTurbo to be far superior. The software's developers have incorporated the ability to use and import .wav files.

These file types are much larger that the original mp3 files. In fact they're nearly 10x larger.

This means that the music produced using DubTurbo includes a much clearer bass and crisper trebles. dubturbo review All in all, you'll have a much more rounded and balanced sound.

Many of the useful, if perhaps you DJ and you've got created a track using DubTurbo that you want to play using your system to a crowd!

Another strong point I discovered in DubTurbo was the ease of access and layout from the software. It is extremely easy to use as well as if you're completely new to busting out beats and tracks inside a studio, you will be creating the first tune within matter of hours.

The software seemed to be fast and loaded samples and effects well. This maybe in comparison with the speed laptop or computer (which is pretty powerful) there is however no reason why the software shouldn't run smoothly on less optimized computers.

Does it work on macs as well as PCs?

It sure does, I haven't tested the software on a mac. However I'm certain the features are equal to a PC and that the software will run just as smoothly.

DubTurbo Review - Who's DubTurbo for?

DubTurbo has been created using the novice producer/ beat creator in your mind. It is very easy to operate and does not take long for you to start letting your creativity flow and make up a smash hit or two!

The technology is advanced for the price, and has many features to help keep you entertained and creating beats all night on end.

Obviously, it's really no comparison to some professional studio. But then it's about $50,000 cheaper and require that you have a degree in sound engineering and production to operate it.

Overall DubTurbo is a good product in a great price, which will keep your whole family entertained.

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